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Instruments: Drums, vocals, electric bass, electric guitar, cornet. Hammond C-3 organ keyboards and percussion.
Composer conductor/analyst, orchestrator, arranger.
Producer, recording artist and recording engineer.

BIO Sketch:
Mark Towner Williams could possibly be one of the music industry’s best-kept secret.  His finely crafted original melodies are the result of his unique and countless abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. These skills combined with being a talented composer, conductor, arranger and orchestrator lead to one conclusion: a state of the art remarkable artist.
Williams’ fervor for music began as early as he can remember.  Surrounded by family members of prestigious musical and acting careers, Williams’ was besieged by talent and creativity.  At age 7, Williams began playing drums.  Williams’ became the third generation of drummers within his family. He later studied the cello, electric guitar and other instruments with various teachers. He began his professional journey at the age of fifteen as a drummer. At age 16, Williams’ started working in Las Vegas and Los Angeles clubs and studios as well as performing on cruise lines.

With a technical base by the legendary Joe Porcaro, Mark studied at Grove’s music, Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory before returning to Los Angeles to resume his career as a drummer. He has worked as a touring and studio musician, along with local concerts and club dates and as an independent producer with some 56 acts produced since 1979.
His professional music career is multifaceted. He has been the drummer for countless films (including JAWS 2 with his father, the legendary John Williams), television  (including the complete season of LIFE GOES ON and MEDICINE WOMAN), jingles, and HBO films (including REDROCK WEST).  Studio credits both in production and as a drummer include but are not limited to Tina Turner, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cher and Air Supply.
 Williams has been the drummer on many recordings over the course of 40 years. His production credits are well-over 48 productions. He composed and produced many songs for such artists as Air Supply and Joseph Williams, his younger brother and lead singer of TOTO and Shari Short.    These productions demonstrate his expertise in producing, engineering and mixing. 
Williams has arranged, mixed, produced, engineered, provided multiple instrumentations and vocal for 9 solo CDs under the name “Lionel’s Dad”. The music of his solo CDs are a perfect blend of quality and the intimacy of his heartfelt melodies as well as hard rocking tunes that have been a reflection of his music throughout his career.
 He toured as a drummer with artists such as Tina Turner, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Air Supply to name a few. In addition, Williams has extensive experience with clubs and concerts.
Williams continues to be one of the driving music force behind up and coming performers as well as seasoned veteran performers. His unique combination of old school methodology and advanced technology qualifies him as a multi-talented musician and producer. He has carved a unique place for himself within the legends of music.  His talents as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer are beyond the realm of excellence.
Some credits include:
Don Henley, Crosby Stills and Nash, Tina Turner, Paul Rodgers, Cher, Air Supply. Yes, a small example of what Williams has been doing over the course of his career. Mark Towner has many credits for records, television, film and jingles as a writer a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.






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