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In the last 10 years Ricci Martin has been performing his show entitled “His Son Remembers: Dean Martin’s Music and More” but that’s only part of the story.

Ricci Martin was literally born into show business. He is the sixth of Dean Martin’s eight children. Ricci is the second child of the marriage of Dean and his wife Jeanne. Ricci was bitten with the entertainment bug very early on.

Ricci’s skill as a photographer and close relationship with Carl Wilson of the beach Boys led one of his photos to be used as the cover on The Boys first album on their own Brother Records label. The album, Sunflower.

While Ricci was attending his first year of college at California Institute of the Arts, for Cinematography, this association would eventually lead Carl to ask Ricci to record a single (Stop Look Around). This would evolve into a solo album “Beached” which was produced by Carl and Billy Hinsche. Billy formerly had a band with Ricci’s brother Dino and Desi Arnaz Jr. Their band, Dino, Desi & Billy had several hits in the 1960’s. Eventually though, their band split up and Billy was then asked to join the Beach Boys. Beached was released on Epic records and received critical acclaim. During this time Ricci toured as The Beach Boys opening act on their U.S. and Canadian tours.

Later in the ‘70’s Ricci dipped his toes into cinematic waters starring in a film with Lisa Hartman entitled Just Tell Me You Love Me. He also co-starred with Lisa on an ABC special Hot Stuff. Neither venture as self-described was ready for any awards. As the decade came to a close Ricci now paired with another soon to be Beach Boys sideman Ricky Fataar, along with Sammy Clayton of Little Feat to form the group Main Squeeze which was eventually revamped into The Ricci Martin Band.


The 1980’s saw another first for Ricci as he became the first L.A. based V.J. and headlined 28 episodes of The Rock Show. Never one to stand on his laurels, this led to Ricci’s fascination with the new music video format and he began to produce and direct music videos. One of Ricci’s music videos was very special as he directed his Father Dean’s only music video Since I Met You Baby.

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By now accomplished and known for his acumen in the production area Ricci moved to Utah in 1990 and opened River Ranch recording studio. Now both producing and recording solo artists and bands alike. Still performing on occasion, Ricci was asked to perform for a benefit for the late Carl Wilson. It was held at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Desi and Billy performed a song which Desi had written called "My Old friend" in honor of their friend and partner Dean Paul Martin (Dino) who died in a plane crash while flying for the California National Guard in 1987. Ricci performed his single, "Stop, Look Around". There was such a powerful, magical feeling that night, that Ricci, Desi and Billy decided to form a trio. Now called Ricci, Desi & Billy. The band played from L.A to Las Vegas and eventually disbanding in 2002.

Ricci is also a best selling author. As the 1990’s came to a close he began to write “That’s Amore: A Son Remembers.” telling the story of his relationship with his celebrated Dad. In this book, Ricci Martin takes readers on a tour through his childhood, from the star-studded parties to the exploration of three marriages, eight kids, one family, to the treasured one-on-one time he shared with his father. He also discusses Dean's first meeting with Jerry Lewis and divulges his father's version of the Martin and Lewis breakup.
Ricci’s pursuits have taken him into all areas of the entertainment industry. Now in his 35th year in the entertainment industry Ricci is currently performing his show “His Son Remembers: Dean Martin’s Music and More”.
The show features Ricci singing the classic hits of his father as he celebrates his life like you've never seen before.

Reviews of the show and audience response have been tremendous! “It’s loaded with music, personal photos and true life stories not only about Dean Martin, the international Entertainer, but also Dean Martin, the Father” - and they are told from the heart by none other than his son, Ricci.

The idea of the show? Credit the talent of the versatile singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Ricci Martin. “Ricci's vocals truly make each of Dean's classic hits come alive!” Then there's the WIT and humor; ”Ricci's one-on-one interaction with the audience always brings laughter and other surprises. The show features Ricci singing the classic hits of his father as he celebrates his life like you've never seen before.

Ricci's band includes veteran world-class musicians and singers, including Robert Zarate (keyboard, vocals), Jimi Seville (piano, vocals), Jerry Vilicich (bass, vocals) and Ron Robertson (drums, vocals).

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